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3 advantages of taking a test online

Nowadays computer and Internet has become widespread. Most people have a PC or laptop computer and have access to the Internet in their homes. Web use and techonology availability expanded in conjunction with educational assesment online. Here are five advantages of taking a test online:

  1. Fast results: Depending on the type of test given, instructors -or psychologists in our specific case- may be able to enter an answer key into the system once and instantly grade all incoming tests. So, millions of people could get their results, tips and tricks in our case, with no more extra costs for us.
  2. Inmediate feedback: test takers can receive feedback after they finished the test or even after they provide an answer. And the feedback does not necessarily has to be about just the wrong answers, the test taker can also receive positive feedback. In our tests, there are no right or wrong answers but personal ones, and the same happens then with the results of these assessments.
  3. Helps the test takers to keep track of their progress: By taking tests online, users are able to measure their progress since they can make a test several times. By re-taking the same test after applying the tips and tricks we suggest, they are able to see how much progress they have made.

How could you transform tips and tricks into new habits?

The need for a new habit arises when people themselves feel that something is not working out. Everybody feels that they are ready for a change but many times, they cannot achieve it. The key to success is in the way the new habit is incorporated in the daily routine and put into practice. The best way is to do it little by little. Here are some tips and tricks that can help many people to incorporate new habits.

  1. One change at a time: People that are trying to implement a new habit into their lives should not put pressure on themselves. It is important to be motivated but enthusiasm can be a double edged sword. By making one change at a time and maintaining it throghout time is a guarantee to success. Making just one change is a considerable effort, trying to make two or three at a time is an impossible task. What is more, this trick really helps to keep people focused.
  2. Do it for a month, everyday: This is the best way to incorporate an habit into daily routine. The first few days is advisable to put any type of alarm, a reminder in a cell phone or send an e-mail the night before. After 30 days, the reminder will begin to be annoying and the habit will be already incorporated. To be constant and persistent is the best solution to get into an habit as people in general tend to abandon something as quickly as they wanted to do it in the first place.
  3. Choose wisely: It has to be something you really want to do because it is something positive for your live, not because somebody else told you to do that. If somebody is not completely convinced about their goal, they will not achieve it, simply because they are not intrinsically motivated to do it. They will make up an excuse and give up. For example, if somebody is not truly conviced about doing exercise, they will say that they have no time for it.
  4. Set minor goals: Starting somethnig new, like learning a new language and saying that they will study two hours everyday is a very difficult goal to maintain throughout time. But saying that they will study everyday for half an hour is a good, achievable start. Habits are possible to modify by starting with a goal and once a minor a goal is achieved, they can be motivated to go on with a bigger goal. In adittion, minor goals can be measured and they are tangible. It is possible to say if the goal has been achieved or not.
  5. Enjoy the results: After an habit has been incorporated into daily routine, it can be rewarding to know what has been achieved and to enjoy that. That is to say they are able to do something that they did not do before, because they made an effort on their own. It is about doing great things little by little and nothing is more rewarding than that.

To sum up, the first step is to start acting and start today. The worst thing to do when trying to incorporate a new habit is to leave it for tomorrow. So please, start right now by selecting one of our free online tests, measure yourself and decide which tips and tricks to incorporate in your day to day to improve your life!